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NETL’s 2015 Carbon Storage Atlas Shows Increase in U.S. CO2 Storage Potential
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NETL’s 2015 Carbon Storage Atlas Shows Increase in U.S. CO2 Storage Potential


On September 28, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) released the fifth edition of the Carbon Storage Atlas (Atlas V), which shows prospective carbon dioxide (CO2) storage resources of at least 2,600 billion metric tons, an increase over the 2,380 billion metric tons reported in the 2012 Atlas.  The increase is a result of improved accuracy and precision in storage resource calculations, additional information from formation studies, and refinement of storage efficiency.  Of particular importance is Atlas V’s finding that approximately 230 billion metric tons of CO2 could be stored in depleted oil and natural gas fields.  This storage estimate equates to several decades’ worth of emissions from stationary sources with the added benefit of enhancing oil and gas recovery.


Atlas V is a coordinated update of carbon storage resources, activities, and large-scale field projects in the United States, and includes input from the more than 400 organizations in 43 states and four Canadian provinces that make up DOE’s seven Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships.  For more than a decade, Regional Partnerships have been investigating the best possible CO2 storage sites.    


Atlas V highlights potential CO2 storage resources in saline formations, oil and natural gas reservoirs, and unmineable coal seams.  This edition also presents a detailed look at the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Initiative’s large-scale field projects.  These large-scale field projects are uniquely tailored to address technical and non-technical challenges within their respective regions, an approach which has proved to be highly effective.  The Atlas also incorporates valuable information from ten storage site characterization projects, which were funded by the Recovery Act.


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